7.6 Months old!

Hey everybody, we’ve had a lot of firsts since the last post.  First night in our new home, first time in her jumper, first time rolling over and back, first time in a swing at the park, first time on a slide, first time eating Indian food (and a bunch of other grown up foods).

We haven’t had a first crawl yet, but very close. She might just skip crawling and go to walking!  She had a visit from her “Uncle” Ed last week and “Uncle” Jason came all the way from Maine to spend a few days in AZ. I hear her Grampie and Grandma Ladd are coming for a visit next month too…

Her personality has really started to come out in the past month or so, it’s been a blast!  Here are a couple videos and some pictures for you to enjoy 🙂


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Almost 6 months old :)

Can you believe she’s almost 6 months old!  It has been a very busy and hectic time in our lives since our last post.  We made an offer on a house in Oro Valley, AZ (about 15 min North of where we’re at now) at the end of June and closed on it 3 days ago!  It was a pretty stressful transaction as they all can be, but we’re almost ready to move to our new home!

So what do you do when you’re in the midst of buying a house, moving and raising a 5 month old baby? Adopt a puppy of course!  We are idiots, but Mom has always wanted a French Bulldog, and they hardly ever are available from a rescue, so we jumped on it.  Louie is about 1 month younger Continue reading “Almost 6 months old :)”

Happy Father’s Day!

Hello All,

Dylan is 4 months old now, time is flying by!  She had another routine visit with Dr. Beth and everything is going great.  She had another round of shots 🙁 This one was a lot like the last, a few minutes of shock and awe, but then she recovered and was happy again.

She’s really starting to get the hang of the whole hand/eye coordination thing and playing with some toys. It’s so exciting to watch her progress from milestone to milestone.  She even gave us some chuckles the other day, it was hilarious.

Please enjoy this little gallery of photos and a short video.

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