10 Months!

Once again we have a “better late than never” update for the world. We’ve all been doing great, and Dylan is growing and learning so much every week.

She has mastered crawling and standing and she can walk with help from one of her toys all the way across the room and back, and loves every minute of it. That all happened while her grandparents from Maine were here, it was really great timing.

She still doesn’t care for baby cereal, but is eating all kinds of things. Right now plums and pears are her favorite, mixed with all kinds of other stuff.

She’s pretty proficient with Mama and Dada, and babbles some other things only she knows the meaning of.  She seems to recognize the word NO, but carries on with whatever she was doing when she stopped and heard it!  People tell me we should get used to that as the years roll on 😉

Here’s some pictures taken over the past couple months and I’ll post a video of one of her walking adventures later.

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7.6 Months old!

Hey everybody, we’ve had a lot of firsts since the last post.  First night in our new home, first time in her jumper, first time rolling over and back, first time in a swing at the park, first time on a slide, first time eating Indian food (and a bunch of other grown up foods).

We haven’t had a first crawl yet, but very close. She might just skip crawling and go to walking!  She had a visit from her “Uncle” Ed last week and “Uncle” Jason came all the way from Maine to spend a few days in AZ. I hear her Grampie and Grandma Ladd are coming for a visit next month too…

Her personality has really started to come out in the past month or so, it’s been a blast!  Here are a couple videos and some pictures for you to enjoy 🙂


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